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What is a Net Worth Audit?

The CRA can revise and compare the lifestyle of a taxpayer’s against their income tax report. Check how to avoid the net worth audit, and if you have an audit, see how you can resolve it.

CRA Net Worth Audit, What it is?

Based on the 152(7) Section of the Income Tax Act, it is the governing provision that permits the Canada Revenue Agency to assess a taxpayer’s net worth, and she’s or his lifestyle (and not necessarily based on their tax return). This procedure permits the CRA the authority to review a taxpayer’s lifestyle and compare it against their reported income and wealth.

A good target is those businesses who operate cash more than credit cards or cheque and also who report low income or they go even further and declare losses on their income tax business.
An excellent example in this category is a restaurant, fast-food business, food delivery services.

I hope this will answer the question of what is a net worth assessment audit method. However, let’s discuss how the process works.

CRA Net Worth Assessments Audit Process

CRA will perform a net audit to raise a taxpayer’s complete possessions. CRA will calculate your most significant assets at the beginning of the audit duration, think about prices and after that, determine the exclusive properties at the end of their life.
Any rise, since the period, is expected to be income, and also strained, therefore.
In cases where CRA considers that the taxpayer’s typical books and also papers do not present an accurate photo of the revenues, the Canadian tax Act supplies that CRA can evaluate a taxpayer based on indirect techniques, making use of info obtained from third parties or taxpayers.
As a result, these tax audit methods are described as indirect confirmation methods.

Who Can Expect a Net Worth Audit?

CRA will compare any change in the taxpayer’s liabilities and assets, and from there, all annual income is being calculated. The deductions are calculated for non-taxable sources of funds. CRA indicates that “The net worth method should not be used in situations where the taxpayer/ registrant provides a reasonable explanation for a discrepancy indicated by a net worth statement” (section 13.4.7).

Disputing Net Worth Assessments

The CRA has power when it comes to calculating the tax owed by the taxpayer’s who refuse or missed to file a tax return.
After one year of rebuilding the net worth assessment, it is an excellent time to dispute a net worth assessment.
Another way to dispute the net worth assessment is to demonstrate that the net-worth assessment calculation was incorrect, and further information will be provided to confirm the accuracy of the net worth assessment.

The net-worth tax audit method relies upon the simple assumption that when a taxpayer accumulates wealth in a taxation year, there are two options; to either spend or invest the income.

The Canada Revenue Agency auditor will examine in depth the taxpayer’s expenditures during the selected audit period. Without a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) on the side who is a tax expert, it can be not easy to counter the assumptions and interpretation that the CRA takes.

What should I do if I get a net worth audit from CRA?

If you get this audit, don’t panic, consult a tax professional with experiences or find a tax lawyer experts in your town.

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